Creative Wildcat | Multi-Content Slider

Multi-Content Slider

Author: Ryan Erb / Creative Wildcat
Current Version: 1.3

Multi-Content Slider is an easy to use, large or small scale jQuery Slider that dynamically builds itself based on the HTML you place within it. This makes it easy for designers to work with because there isnt really a need to dig into the jQuery (though if you want to your more than welcome to). Its as simple to change as HTML and CSS updates.

If your a Server-Side Developer, you could easily build a system to autogenerate the HTML needed to add and remove things from the slider from content within a DB or with a CMS. Everything is built by div ids that increment based on the content inside. (think for-loop)

Downloaded package comes with Javascript File that runs the banner, 2 required jQuery library files, CSS File, Demo HTML, 2 PSDs (for the tab and for the sliders), and readme.txt with more information regarding usage as well as a skeleton HTML and Version Info

Use the demo above to learn more about Multi-Content Slider. When your ready to purchase the slider for your site, use the "Buy It Now" Button to the right to purchase Creative-Wildcat Multi-Content Slider

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