Welcome to Creative Wildcat Web Modules

Sorry for the messy site, I spend more of my time keeping my code tidy than I do keeping my site pretty.

I have been working on a new Content Management System over the past year and shortly will be posting a beta copy for download. It's called WildcatCMS and it is built on its own PHP Framework.

WildcatCMS contains the front-end site framework linked to a CMS so you fill out forms and update your site with ease. As a developer/designer, you simply need to "skin" the site and then log into the CMS to add content and pages. Create new layouts and use them with a simple configuration file. Create custom components how you want and display them without headaches. The list goes on of the potential that WildcatCMS has.

The system was designed and created to make the transition from html, javascript, php and the database separated into their own components. When designing a new template - you just update the skin (front-wrapper) and the layouts (easy base layout system using any CSS layout you wish - it comes with 960 grid). This adds faster site creation times from "scratch" than fumbling with themes from other CMS systems.

Why did I want to reinvent the wheel? - Easy, I had a curiosity at how data should move through the site. I planned it out and started coding it with scalablity kept in mind. I wanted to have a site that I could just copy/paste to duplicate with full dynamic functionality.

Featured Products

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Multi-Content Slider is an easy to use, large or small scale jQuery Slider that dynamically builds itself based on the HTML you place within it.

Image Fader

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Image Slider is an easy to use and expandable image rotation system—and only $5.